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Why choose Etico

At Etico, we are genuinely passionate about seeking out well-designed, enduring products of timeless quality and honest origin.   Our hope is to inspire others to make thoughtful, sustainable and ethical choices for everyday living.

We take care to ethically source our products using three simple, meaningful criteria:

To benefit the environment:   products made from sustainable resources, with a low ecological impact and biodegradable to return to the earth at the end of life.

To benefit our makers:   supporting fair trade practices helps ensure a positive social impact and preservation of traditional skills.

To benefit you and me:   products made from natural materials and natural ingredients to limit our exposure to unnecessary toxins.


What we believe


Quality & timeless design

We believe in using sustainable, high quality natural materials to create products of timeless design, that are made to last and cherish for years to come. Products created by people with genuine passion and skill have a real value that is evident in their quality and back story.

At Etico, we do not subscribe to ‘todays trends’, which are fleeting, but we have an appreciation for beautiful, well-designed & classic pieces that will age well and never outlive their design appeal.



Aiming to tread lightly on our earth, we take the utmost care to operate our business in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way as possible.  In sourcing our products, we look for universally acknowledged accreditation such as GOTS, FSC, Fair Trade, Organic & Vegan that promote a greener way of living.

We love finding plastic free and zero waste alternatives to everyday items that not only have a lower environmental footprint, but also look and feel great to use!


Ethical Values

We have a genuine respect for our artisans and makers both locally & around the world.  Preserving traditional skills, empowering others and supporting ethical and sustainable production is very important to us.

Honesty and transparency around our business values is important to us, alongside the provenance of our products.  We want you to know the story behind your purchase and feel confident with our easy returns policy and payment options.

Your parcel will be sent to you with care (tracked within New Zealand) using eco-friendly, recyclable, re-used or compostable packaging.

Ethical Values