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Our Eco Icons


  • Handmade

    There is something special about an item made by hand. You can see the care and integrity that goes into its development and every handmade product has a story. We like to know our Artisans and understand the passion behind their product. We support local and overseas artisans/craftspeople and believe that their livelihoods should be respected and cherished.

  • Natural Materials

    We adore the materials that the earth provides and their tactile nature. We source 100% cotton and linen that is often organic but not necessarily certified. Other materials such as mango wood or jute are a renewable and sustainable resource.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Eco-friendly is a term that can include any product or practice that limits the negative impact on the environment. Many of our products are sustainable, by-products, recyclable or made from recycled products.

  • Ethically Produced

    Etico has a strong belief that no product should be created out of exploitation. We do the background research to ensure that our products are made in a facility that is safe, healthy and often Fair Trade (which ensures fair pay and a supportive social and economic environment). We do not condone child labour and will not stock products that are known to be made in such a facility.

  • Made in NZ

    We are champions of local talent and proudly seek out quality NZ made products from like-minded producers. Buying NZ made supports our local economy, and reduces transit therefore reducing our carbon footprint.